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Module details on 'Network Management - Network Management'

CategoryNetworking & Communication
LecturerJun.-Prof. Dr. Papadimitriou, Panagiotis (Hannover)
Module Exam ID3080
Weekly Composition2L+1E
Required Hours of Work (presence / self-study)120 (42)
Teaching MethodsLectures include the presentation of network management principles and technologies, and discussion with students. Exercises and lab sessions allow the students to obtain practical experience with various aspects and techniques for network management.
Module DescriptionThis course aims to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of principles, technologies and architectures for the management of IP networks, including transit, enterprise and data-center networks as well as virtualized network infrastructures.
Module OutcomesStudents will become familiar with principles and technologies for network management (SNMP) and the configuration of end-hosts (network discovery and bootstrapping with DHCP, ARP), routers (implementation of routing policies with BGP) and middleboxes (NATs, firewalls, application gateways, intrusion detection systems). Students will be able to understand how virtualized networks should be managed in order to provide elasticity, fault tolerance and/or energy efficiency. Furthermore, students will learn about recent architectures and trends that simplify network management and minimize the configuration overhead in large enterprise and data-center networks.
Recommended LiteratureLecture slides, research papers and state-of-the-art surveys.
PrerequisitesGood understanding of Internet architecture and protocols (e.g., TCP/IP).
ExamOral exam, graded (30 min)

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