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Module details on 'Advanced Topics in Network Security II - Advanced Topics in Network Security II'

CategoryNetworking & Communication
LecturerProf. Dr. Hogrefe, Dieter (Göttingen)
Module Exam ID3016
Weekly Composition2L + 1E
Required Hours of Work (presence / self-study)125 (42 / 83)
Semesterperiodically, according to student demand and staff specialisms
Teaching MethodsSlide presentation, video recordings, exercises, discussions
Module DescriptionThis course reviews major security and privacy issues in wireless networks with a focus on ad hoc and sensor networks. Security of the existing wireless networks, secure routing, selfish node behaviours, malicious node behaviours as well as privacy preserving mechanisms are among the topics. In selfish behaviour topic, the concept of cooperation is formalised using game theory as a tool. An introduction to cryptography is provided at the begining of the lecture, but some prior knowledge of cryptography would be helpful.
Module OutcomesAfter successfully completing this course the students will be able to understand principal concepts of wireless networks and how to secure them. The students will be aware of the vulnerabilities of wireless, self-organized networks as well as the building blocks of the most important existing solutions, such as security and privacy challenges. On completion of this course the students will be able to describe the concepts of trust management, cooperation, secure neighbour discovery and privacy protection as well as selfishness and misbehavioring in wireless networks.
Recommended LiteratureL. Buttyan and J.-P. Hubaux: Security and cooperation in wireless networks, Cambridge University Press, 2007
ExamWritten or oral exam, graded (Written (120 min) / Oral (25min))

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