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Module details on 'Practical Course in Advanced Topics in Mobile Communication - Practical Course in Advanced Topics in Mobile Communication'

CategoryNetworking & Communication
LecturerProf. Dr. Hogrefe, Dieter (Göttingen)
Module Exam ID3047
Weekly Composition2P
Required Hours of Work (presence / self-study)125 (28/97)
Semesterperiodically, according to student demand and staff specialisms
Teaching Methodspractical exercises, group work, presentation
Module DescriptionIn this practical course hands-on lab exercises in advanced areas of mobile communications will be offered to deepen the theoretical background and to apply the gained knowledge real-life scenarios. For example, current simulation tools from the area of mobile communications are introduced and experiments are conducted to test different mobile scenarios. Furthermore, a test-bed is provided that allows students to experiment with real hardware devices, such as wireless sensor nodes, in small groups.
Module OutcomesOn completion of this module, the students have learned how to apply their theoretical foundations from the area of mobile communication to real-life applications. On the basis of independently conducted practical experiments the students are able to assess the requirements of real-life applications, the involved risks and how to mitigate those risks. Furthermore, the students have been made aware of the challenges that can arise in the area of wireless devices and how to deal with those challenges. The lab enables the students to accomplish a full development cycle from the idea, to the design, to the implementation and testing of a real-life application.
Recommended Literature- Philip Levis and David Gay: TinyOS Programming, Cambridge University Press, 2009 - R. Bless: Protocols and Architectures for Wireless Sensor Networks, Springer, 2005 - Waltenegus Dargie, Christian Poellabauer: Fundamentals of Wireless Sensor Networks: Theory and Practice, John Wiley & Sons, 2010 - Evon M. O. Abu-Taieh und Asim Abdel Rahman El Sheikh: Handbook of Research on Discrete Event Simulation Environments: Technologies and Applications, Idea Group Reference, 2009
PrerequisitesAdvanced Topics in Mobile Communication
ExamWritten or oral exam, graded (Written (120 min) / Oral (25min))

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