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Module details on 'Advanced Methods of Information Retrieval - Advanced Methods of Information Retrieval'

CategoryData & Information
LecturerDr. Demidova, Elena (Hannover)
Module Exam ID2090
Weekly Composition2L + 1E
Required Hours of Work (presence / self-study)125 (42 / 83)
Teaching MethodsLectures, Presentations, Exercises.
Module DescriptionIn this module we introduce advanced methods and algorithms of Information Retrieval for structured and semi-structured data (such as relational databases, XML and RDF). The topics of the course include data structures, ranking methods and efficient algorithms that enable end users to effectively obtain the most relevant search results from structured, heterogeneous and distributed data sources. Furthermore, we will study the corresponding evaluation techniques as well as novel applications.
Module OutcomesOn completion of this module, the student should be able to: Discuss the differences between the text- and structured IR. Understand the principles used in the modern search systems for structured data, especially with respect to the indexing, query interpretation and relevance ranking. Understand the differences between data-based and schema-based query interpretation. Explain query refinement and diversification methods for structured data. Compare the algorithms available to perform relevance ranking of structured search results. Understand the principles used in the evaluation of structured search results. Become familiar with Linked Open Data. Understand techniques for federated search and schema mapping and. Become familiar with current search applications.
Recommended LiteratureJeffrey Xu Yu, Lu Qin, Lijun Chang. Keyword Search in Databases. Synthesis Lectures on Data Management. Morgan & Claypool Publishers. 2009. In addition, current research articles will be provided during the lecture.
PrerequisitesIt is recommended that participants complete the course "Foundations of Information Retrieval" prior to attending this course. Basic knowledge of relational databases is recommended.
ExamOral exam, graded (30 min)
CommentsIndividual interactive Live Stream with Adobe Connect

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