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Module details on 'Web Information Systems and Services - Web Information Systems and Services'

CategoryData & Information
LecturerProf. Dr. Hartmann, Sven (Clausthal)
Module Exam ID2050
Weekly Composition3L+1E
Required Hours of Work (presence / self-study)125 (42 / 83)
SemesterSummer (biyearly)
Teaching MethodsBeamer and multmedia presentation, group discussions, individual homework, group homework, practical exercises
Module DescriptionThis module gives a technology-centered introduction to data-intensive web information systems and services. Besides relevant concepts, techniques, standards, and policies, also advanced topics like transaction management and web-scale data management will be discussed.
Module OutcomesOn successful completion of the module students are able to explain basic concepts used in building and operating web information systems. They know central technological standards underlying data-intensive web information systems and services, understand architectural principles, and are able to evaluate and critically discuss such systems.
Recommended Literature-Abiteboul et al.: Web Data Management, Cambridge University Press -Alonso et al.: Web Services: Concepts, Architectures and Applications -Kappel et al.: Web Engineering, Wiley -Papazoglou: Web Services, Pearson -Zhao et al: On the Spectrum of Web Scale Data Management, in Cloud Computing, CRC Press
PrerequisitesThe module presumes a prior understanding of data management concepts as, for example, acquired through an introductory module on databases at undergraduate level.
ExamWritten or oral exam, graded (Written (120 min) / Oral (25min))

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