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Module details on 'Selected Topics in Artificial Intelligence - Selected Topics in Artificial Intelligence'

CategoryTheoretical Foundations
LecturerProf. Dr. Dix, Jürgen (Clausthal)
Module Exam ID1060
Weekly Composition2S
Required Hours of Work (presence / self-study)125 (28 / 97)
Semesterperiodically, according to student demand and staff specialisms
Teaching MethodsStudent presentations, group discussions
Module DescriptionThis seminar is dedicated to the discussion of trends and recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence. You are provided exposure to topics beyond the standard curriculum. In the beginning of the semester, instruction is given in how to review research literature, devise research talks and essays, find relavant background literature, and practise presentation skills. For the seminar you will read a research paper, prepare an oral presentation emphasising the research goals, methods, and solutions proposed in the paper, and deliver the presentation in class. For your presentation you will receive feedback from the lecturer and your peers. Taking into account the feedback you will then write a essay reviewing the chosen paper and elaborating the subject by gathering more background information. You will also attend the presentations by your peers, and participate actively in class discussions that accompany their presentations.
Module OutcomesOn successful completion of the module, you will be able to read and analyse research literature, identify research questions and strategies used for their settlement, review research contributions, communicate effectively through technical presentations and written essays, critique presentations, and engage in research-oriented discussions.
Recommended LiteratureVaries every semester depending on topic. As the seminar has its focus on current directions in research, the recommended literature will mainly consist of recent articles from topic-specific international conferences or journals.
PrerequisitesThe module presumes a prior understanding of artificial intelligence as, for example, acquired through an introductory module on artificial intelligence at undergraduate level.
ExamWritten Report and Oral Presentation (Oral presentation (30-45min))

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