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Module details on 'Efficient Algorithms - Efficient Algorithms'

CategoryTheoretical Foundations
LecturerDr. rer. nat. Meier, Arne (Hannover)
Module Exam ID1015
Weekly Composition2L + 1E
Required Hours of Work (presence / self-study)125 (42 / 83)
Semesterperiodically, according to student demand and staff specialisms
Teaching Methodswhiteboard lecture in combination with slides, video recording
Module DescriptionThe lecture covers efficient algorithms for fundamental graph-theoretic and number-theoretic problems. The focus lies on the design and analysis of algorithms, including correctness proofs for algorithms and estimates for their running time.
Module OutcomesAfter completion of this module one achieves the ability - to explain different types (unweighted, positively weighted, negatively weighted graphs) of efficient shortest path algorithms, matching algorithms, time-table algorithms, flow algorithms - to prove the correctness of these algorithms - to measure the complexity of these algorithms Also the student is able to explain and prove results from graph theory w.r.t. coloring problems. Further the student understands the different types of parallel algorithms and the underlying concepts. He explains subtle parallel algorithms with respect to sorting, counting and graph theory problems as connected components and minimal spanning trees. Further he achieves competence in selected combinatorial problems and efficient techniques for their solution; ability to design and analyze efficient algorithms. Expertise to improve strategies to solve demanding problems.
Recommended LiteratureT. Cormen, C. Leiserson, R. Rivest, and C. Stein: Introduction to Algorithms, McGraw-Hill, 2nd edition, 2003. R. Motwani, P. Raghavan: Randomized Algorithms, Cambridge University Press, 1995. A. Aho, J. Hopcroft, J. Ullman: The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms, Addison-Wesley, 1974. R. Diestel: Graph Theory, Springer, 3rd edition, 2006.
PrerequisitesBasic Knowledge in Algorithms, Data Structures and Complexity.
ExamOral exam, graded (25 min)
CommentsVideo Recording. Also see http://www.thi.uni-hannover.de/217.html?&L=1

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