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Module details on 'Practical Course on Advanced Networking - Practical Course on Advanced Networking'

CategoryNetworking & Communication
LecturerProf. Dr. Fu, Xiaoming (Göttingen)
Module Exam ID3020
Weekly Composition4P
Required Hours of Work (presence / self-study)150 (56/94)
SemesterSummer and Winter
Teaching MethodsPractical exercises, group work, presentation
Module DescriptionThis module provides a couple of practical topics related to advanced computer networking. The students will conduct the practical course in small teams. A team consist of 2 students.
Module OutcomesOn completion of this module students will have: * Learned to architect, develop, and test a network application or protocol. * Learned to work effectively in a team environment and project-style development. * Developed their written and oral communication skills in English. * Become proficient with software development tools and networking environments, using standard programming language C/C++/Java/... and tools (such as CVS, Eclipse).
Recommended LiteratureNot bounded to a textbook, as the topic maybe adjusted according to the latest technology trend. Some general readings could be useful, e.g., 1. W. Richard Stevens, Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, Addison-Wesley.
PrerequisitesBasis knowledge in computer networks
ExamOral exam, graded (written report (12-14 pages) + presentation incl. discussion (40min))

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