Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1. General Information

1. Can I get admitted to ITIS?

That's no longer possible since the ITIS program will be terminated.

2. I want to switch my location (e.g. Hannover to Braunschweig) is that possible?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to switch your location. However, you can either travel to the different locations via train (with the Niedersachsenticket, regional trains are free to use) or you can also move to another location, if that's more convenient.

3. Can I study ITIS longer than the average four semesters?

Yes, that's possible, but try not to collect too many additional semesters since it might does not look that good on your CV.

4. How can I increase my chances of getting a PhD position or a company job offer after graduation?

If you want to start a PhD after graduation, try to find a Research Project in the research area / institute of your choice and choose your courses accordingly.If you want to work in a company after graduation, try to do your Research Project in one which you find interesting and choose your courses accordingly.

5. I have some general questions on the program, whom can I contact?

Please contact your local mentor first, in urgent cases you can also contact your local mentor; however, please make sure you tried to find an answer to your questions within our FAQ first.

6. I have some personal / health / financial problems, whom can I contact?

Please contact your mentor. For (mental) health or personal problems, the Psychological Counseling for students as well as the International Offices at each university are good ideas as well:





2. Study Plan

1. Do I have to make a study plan?

Yes, the study plan is mandatory for each ITIS student.

2. Can I change my study plan?

Yes, that's possible under three conditions:

  • You haven't attended an exam in the module which you would like to change.
  • You spoke to your mentor about it and he/she is fine with it.
  • You have a suitable alternative module.

3. How often can I change my study plan?

Once per semester.

4. How can I create a study plan??

Please use the template from the ITIS website as well as only ITIS courses.

5. What is the difference between a module and a course?

Each course that is part of the ITIS Master\'s program is assigned one of the ITIS modules, i.e. in computer terms you can say that each module is "implemented" by one or more courses.

6. Can I choose a module twice?

No, that's not possible.

7. Who will be my mentor?

According to your location, you can choose your mentor from one of the following professors:

8. Can I change my mentor?

Yes, that's possible. If you found a „new“ mentor, please inform your „old“ mentor about it. A mentor shouldn't be changed more than once.

9. Who has to sign my study plan?

Your mentor and yourself (including the date of the signature).

10. How can I include key competence courses (such as Project Management or Academic Writing) in my study plan?

You can add them under the module Soft Skills.

11. Can I take German classes?

Yes, you can add them under the module Soft Skills.

12. How many credits do I need to graduate?

The minimum is 120, the maximum 124. If you have too many or not enough credits, either delete or add a course.

13. I would like to take more courses (

It's possible to add those courses to your transcript (e.g. if you already know you need additional courses for future job applications), but they won't be counted for your overall grade.

14. I got a bad grade in an exam, can I delete / switch the module?

No, that's not possible. If you passed an exam, you have to keep the grade (no improvement possible).

15. What shall I do, if I failed an exam?

If you failed an exam, you have to repeat the module. You can repeat it twice.

3. Courses

1. Where can I find all ITIS courses?

2. Can I choose other courses outside the ITIS curriculum?

No, that's not possible; please only choose ITIS courses, otherwise, there might not be counted.

3. How can I get more information about each module / course?

Please check the ITIS website under Lectures and either click on the course name on the left side (e.g. Computational Complexity Theory) or on the module name on the right side (e.g. 1.07 - Algorithms and Complexity).

4. How can I register for a course?

Please register via Stud.IP (+ FlexNow for Göttingen).

5. How can I attend a course?

Go to Lectures on the ITIS website and check the course mode for each course on the right side. More details on course modes can be found here.

6. How can I access the material for each course?

The lecturer will give you more details in the first session; usually the material will be uploaded on Stud.IP.

7. I need a Stud.IP guest account for the other locations, how can I get them?

You can send an email to the different Stud.IP teams (,, Make sure to renew your guest account every semester (remember your login name + password!), because it will expire after one semester.
TU Clausthal doesn't offer guest accounts, but you should be able to access each CL course through your local Stud.IP. If you can't access or find a CL course on Stud.IP, please remind the lecturer to activate the Alija-Plugin for the course on Stud.IP.

4. Exams

1. How can I register for exams?

To register for one or multiple exams in the current semester, you need to login at the online portal QIS.

2. When can I register for exams?

The exam registration period for each semester can be found here. If there is no time period announced for the current semester, please contact Benjamin Leiding (benjamin.leiding(at)

3. What happens, if I don't register for exams?

Any exam that is not registered within the specified time period cannot be counted in the ITIS M.Sc. program. Please don't try to attend unregistered exams and/or try to register them only, if you received a good result. First, it's not possible and second, it's fraud and could result in your exclusion from the program.

4. How long will my registration be valid?

Each registration is only valid for one semester.

5. What shall I do, if I don't see my updated results on QIS?

Each result should be visible in QIS 1-2 weeks after the exam. If you don't see a grade afterwards, please contact Ms. Kerstin Gries from the examination office in Hannover (Kerstin.Gries(at) or your lecturer.

5. Research Project

1. What is a Research Project?

2. How can I get / find a topic form y Research Project?

Define your own research interests (e.g. through your study plan). Make up your mind what kind of project would be interesting for you. Check the websites of different ITIS lecturers who are already doing research in your chosen field. Contact the lecturers via email and be very specific about what you would like to do and also show that you made yourself familiar with their research areas.

If you already contacted several lecturers without success, talk to your mentor.

3. Who can be my supervisor for the Research Project?

Your supervisor can be any ITIS professor. If you are doing your project in a company, you also need an ITIS professor to be your supervisor.

4. How long is the duration oft he Research Project?

Usually one semester.

5. When can I register for the Research Project?

Throughout the semester, there are no fixed deadlines.

6. Where can I do my Research Project?

Either at one of the four ITIS universities or in a company.

7. How can I register for the Research Project?

The research project needs to be registered in writing the head of the examination committee, Prof. Dr. Sven Hartmann ( The registration must include a project protocol detailing how the topic will be dealt with and a written confirmation from the supervisor, who should be a professor.

8. Can I spread my project work over more than one semester?

Yes, you can also do your project in two semesters. More is not recommendable, because a research project is very time-consuming.

9. Where / How do I have to present my project?

The students have to give two presentations, lasting 20-30 minutes (poster and slides), each followed by a discussion, an overview on the research project - the research protocol and the project results obtained. The presentations generally takes place on a joint ITIS Research Day for all students of the ITIS program.

Due to the small number of remaining ITIS students, we decided to cancel all future ITIS Research Days. Instead, students that wish to present their research project (presentation of slides AND presentation of a poster) will set up an appointment with the supervisor(s) of the project where they will give the presentation. Afterwards, the supervisor (please keep in mind that an ITIS professor is required) signs the corresponding form that certifies that you gave the presentation (slides + poster). Afterwards you submit the signed document as usual. In essence, you defend your research project in the same way you will defend your master thesis.

10. Which forms do I need for the Research Project?

You need both the submission and the evaluation form, both can be found here.

11. Who will sign / stamp the forms?

Your supervisor.

12. How to submit a Research Project?

After the two presentations, you have to submit your technical report (around 30-40 pages depending on the results) to your supervisor, who should be a professor. He/She has to fill out the evaluation form and send it to Ms. Kerstin Gries to the examination office in Hannover (Kerstin.Gries(at)

13. I don't like my current Research Project can I cancel / de-register it and get a new topic?

Yes, please send an e-mail to Prof. Hartmann for details (sven.hartmann(at)

14. My supervisor left before my project was finished what shall I do?

Please send an e-mail to Prof. Hartmann for details (sven.hartmann(at) Generally, a supervisor should give you the opportunity to finish the project.

6. Master's Thesis

1. How can I register for the Master's Thesis?

To register for the Master\'s thesis the Application for admission to the thesis form needs to be filled in and submitted to the head of the ITIS examination committee, Prof. Dr. Sven Hartmann ( Attached to the form you need to provide:

  • a transcript of records proving the required minimum of 60 ECTS-credits
  • a proof that you are currently enrolled in the ITIS Master\'s program
The topic of the Master\'s thesis is determined before by the first examiner after a discussing with the student. The processing period starts after getting the confirmation by the examination committee from the stated "Start date of the thesis".

2. When can I register for the Master's Thesis?

As soon as you have at least 60 ECTS-credits.

3. How long is the duration of a Master's Thesis?

6 months.

4. What can I do, if I can't finish the thesis in 6 months?

If you realize it in time and you have a good explanation for it (e.g sickness including a medical certificate („Attest“)) , you can contact the head of the ITIS examination committee, Prof. Sven Hartmann (examination(at)

5. How and when can I submit my thesis?

The thesis must be submitted to the first examiner within the 6 month after the topic has been issued. The thesis must provide a written guarantee that the work was done independently, that no other sources or aids were used other than those referenced, that any passages taken literally or in spirit from other sources are identified as such, and that the thesis has not been submitted to any other examination authority in the same or similar form.

Three paper copies with Leimbindung (perfect binding) and an electronic version of the thesis must be submitted to the first examiner. The first examiner will then give one copy to the second examiner and one copy to the academic examination office in Hannover.

The Master\'s thesis must be graded within six weeks of its submission. The examiners needs to write an evaluation report and fill in the Evaluation of a thesis or research project form taking the Master\'s thesis and the colloquium into account. The evaluation form needs to be sent to the examination office in Hannover so that the result of the Master\'s thesis can be accounted and the final certificate can be issued.

6. How do I have to present my thesis?

Usually within the research seminar of your first examiner.

7. Is there a graduation ceremony for ITIS?

Yes, it is called the „Day of the Faculty“ and takes place at Leibniz University each year on Friday in the first week of December. If you graduate not later than September 30th, you will receive an invitation for the same year, otherwise for the year after. Therefore, please make sure always to leave your current address with the admissions office Hannover, before you leave.

Some impressions.

For further information, please also check the ITIS examination regulations.